Water Closet

Toilets have several variations to meet specific consumer needs and concerns. The biggest thing to think about is the actual amount of water flow, from both a cost-effective and eco-friendly point of view. Basically, toilet bowls can be purchased in two shapes, either round (most common) or elongated (increasingly popular). Round bowls are great for bathrooms that have limited amounts of space. Elongated bowls have an oval shape and are generally considered more comfortable than round bowls, perhaps because they are typically around 2″ longer, providing a bigger seating area.

Wall Mounted

It provides the bathroom with clean lines. The lines that are created by the wall hung toilet helps turn the bathroom into a stylish room that can complement the rest of your home’s decor.

Close Coupled

There are tonnes of different styles, shapes and sizes of close coupled toilet. From short projection curvy bowls to bowls that are raised higher off the floor.