Recessed Light

Recessed downlights are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If chosen and installed in the correct numbers, they are capable of giving a gentle, even and shadow free light.

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Halogen Recessed

Light emitted from halogen tend to be whiter, brighter and more easily focused. You can plan halogen recessed lighting in areas where focus or concentrated light is need to be shone on a particular object.

LED Recessed

LED Recessed lighting can be used for overall room illumination, task lighting, and as accent lighting to highlighting artwork, collections, or decor details. LED recessed lighting offer long service life and high energy efficiency.

PLC Recessed

PLC Recessed is one of the most unique and versatile ways to brighten the home. As a distinctive form of ceiling lighting, it covers a wide range of illumination possibilities pretty much anywhere in the home.