Haiku L Series 0–10 V Driver Module

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The Haiku L 0–10 V driver offers the convenience of integrating Haiku L fans with a home or building automation system or virtually any 3rd party 0–10 V dimmer using an industry-standard protocol. Tucked away neatly in the escutcheon, the 0–10 V driver provides independent control of fan speeds and light intensity while supporting daisy-chaining for one or up to 10 fans — sorry, constraints for number of fans are determined by the specific OEM controller.

The driver offers ultimate flexibility of control for Haiku L by providing a voltage between 0 and 10 VDC to produce varying fan speeds and lighting levels using the voltage “source” standard — 10 V as 100% on and 0 V as off.



  • Independent fan control: speed up/down and on/off
  • Independent light control: intensity up/down and on/off
  • No programing involved
  • 0–10 V driver “sinks or sources” voltage — Standard ANSI E1.3
  • Compatible with any 0–10 V “sinking/sourcing” dimmer (Lutron NovaT — NTSTV-DV available upon request)
  • Compatible with most home or building automation systems

*Price does not include installation service and is not subjected to GST.


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