Hafele DL7900 Digital Lock (Art No: 912.05.641)





 Warranty:2 years
 Mode of entry:[App-Controlled] Bluetooth Key, Smart Card, Password and Mechanical Key
 Door thickness:38 – 90mm
 Size / Dimension:Front 73.5 (W) x 302.5 (H) x 25.5 (D) mm
Back 78.5 (W) x 310.5 (H) x 35 (D) mm
 Material:AL, ZN, ABS, PC
Surface treatment: Triple metallic coating
 Unlimited BLE key
 Register up to 200 smart card
 1 master password and unlimited user password
 Color: Black
 Manage by Hafele Access App
 Password validity setting
 View access logs
 Fire alarm sensor
 Electric shock resistance
 Random Security Coding Function
 Double Locking Function
 Auto Locking Function
 Auto and manual locking modes inter-switchable
 Tamper alarm
 Sound alert when lock is not completely closed
 Security lockout mode
 Mischief and Hacking Prevention System
 Supplied with:1 x Front & rear module
1 x Mortise lock & striking plate
1 x Set of fixing material
1 x User manual
1 x Installation template
8 x AA alkaline battery
2 x Smart card
2 x Smart key tag
3 x Mechanical key


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