Hafele Bundle D (GL5600 Gate Lock + PP9000 Digital Lock)


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Model: GL5600 Gate Lock

 Access Functions:5 in 1 (BLE/Fingerprint/PIN /Card /KEY)
 Accessories:Remote control
 Door Thickness:30-90 mm
 Product Dimensions:– Front – 171*72*13 mm
Back – 200*77*31 mm
– Front – 155*67*14mm
Back – 90*48*31 mm
 Carton Dimensions:8 units per carton
 Gross Weight:Single unit: 1.9 KG
Carton (8 units): 15.8KG


Product Features:

  • Five Way Solution: Five electronic locking modes: Master Pin Code / User Pin Code, Key Card, App, Fingerprint, and Remote Control.
  • Master Pin Code / User Pin Code / Key Card / and Fingerprint Indentification: 1 Master Pin Code, up to 10 User Pin Code, 1 Temporary User Pin Code, 100 Key Cards, 100 Fingerprints.
  • Random Security Coding Function: The random number can be added before or after the real user Pin code but the maximum length is 32 digits. This feature will prevent the real user Pin code from being exposed.
  • Auto Lock / Auto re-lock Function: When the door is closed, the lock will lock automatically (In case of auto locking mode).
  • Burglary Alarm Function: When the door is opened by force, the lock is suspended with alarm.
  • Prevent mischief and hacking: When entering 5 times a wrong user Pin code / fingerprint and card in 5 minutes, the lock is suspended 100 100 seconds. After that the lock will activate again. While the lock is suspended, the screen will flash when you are trying to use keypad.
  • Alarm for battery replacement time: When the power of battery is too law a warning signal will appear on the screen. Please replace all batteries immediately.


Model: PP8100 Digital Lock

  • Mode of Entry: (App-Controlled) Bluetooth Key, Fingerprint, Smart Card, Password and Mechanical Key
  • Random Security Coding Function
  • Panic Release Handle Type
  • Auto Locking Function
  • Mischief and Hacking Prevention System
  • Double Locking Function
  • Safety Design Against Fire
  • Smart Home Integration with Z-Wave Module
  • Double Verification Function By Combine 2 in 3 Access Ways (Fingerprint/Password/Key Tag)
  • Password Exposure-Proof Function By Using Fake Pin Code
  • Built-In Privacy Mode From Indoor
  • More Safety with Away Mode
  • Automatic and Manual Locking Mode Are Changeable
  • Freezing In 5 Minutes  After the Wrong Code Entry Limit 10 Times
  • Silence Mode Can be Activated when Needed
  • Battery operated: 8AA Alkaline
  • Emergency operated: 5V Power bank via Micro USB Port
  • Size: Front – W x H x D = 69x390x60mm, Back – W x H x D = 78x390x70mm
  • Door Thickness 35-60mm

Supplied with:

  • 1 Front and Rear Module
  • 1 Mortise Lock and Striking Plate (Left & Right)
  • 1 Set of Fixing Material
  • 1 User Material
  • 1 Installation Template
  • 8 pcs AA Alkaline battery
  • 2 pcs Smart Card
  • 2 pcs Smart Key Tag
  • 2 pcs Mechanical Key


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