Philips Essential LED MR16 Light Bulb

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  • 3-35W 260lm Warm White (27K)
  • 3-35W 290lm Cool Daylight (65K)
  • 5-50W 400lm Warm White (27K)
  • 5-50W 435lm Cool DayLight (65K)


General Information

Cap-Base: GU5.3

Nominal Lifetime (Nom): 15000h

Switching Cycle: 50000X

Technical Type: 3-35W / 5-50W

Light Technical

Color Code: 827 (CCT of 2700K)

Beam Angle (Nom): 24

Luminous Flux (Nom): 400lm

Luminous Flux (Rated) (Nom): 1700cd

Color Designation: Warm white (WW)

Rated Beam Angle: 24

Correlated Color Temperature (Nom): 2700K

Luminous Efficacy (Rated)(Nom): 80.00lm/W

Color Consistency: <6

Color Rendering Index (Nom): 80

LLMF at End of Nominal Lifetime(Nom): 70%

Operating and Electrical

Lamp Current (Nom): 580mA

Starting Time (Nom): 0.5s

Warm up Time to 60% Light (Nom): 1s

Power Factor (Nom): 0.5

Voltage (Nom): 12V

T-Case Maximum (Nom): 76

Dimmable: No

Suitable For Accent Lighting: Yes

Energy Efficiency Label (EEL): A+

Net Weight (piece): 0.045kg


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